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What You Should Know About Pet Boarding

Pet boarding is a professional, supervised environment where dogs and cats can stay overnight while their owners are away. These facilities often provide food, water and medication, as well as the daily care that pets require. They may also offer opportunities for exercise and socialization in a controlled environment that is monitored by professional staff.

Boarding is usually the best option for young and active dogs that need plenty of attention, exercise and socialization to keep them happy and healthy. It can also be a good choice for older pets that require round-the-clock supervision and for those with behavior issues that may make them more anxious around other animals.

Cats can sometimes be more difficult to board since they are accustomed to being in their own homes and are unsure about moving away from their familiar surroundings. Some specialized cat boarding options are available, but they usually come at a higher cost than regular pet boarding services.

The most important thing to look for in a boarding facility is its level of certification and training. Check with the Professional Animal Care Certification Council to find a list of certified, accredited kennels and doggy daycares in your area.

A reputable boarding facility should have a clean, secure, and sanitary facility that is properly fenced in and equipped with adequate exercise areas, as well as sleeping areas that are comfortable for the animals to relax in. They should also have an animal health department and a veterinarian on site, as well as a professional team of pet caretakers to care for your pets.

Many boarding facilities have indoor/outdoor runs that allow your pet to play outside during the day and relax in a quiet, safe place at night. They can also include a variety of other extras, such as spa days and massages.

Crate-free boarding is another popular option for your dog’s comfort and peace of mind while you’re away, but not all kennels are created equal. Some, like this uptown location in New York City, are cageless and provide a more intimate experience than you might find at a typical boarding facility.

D is for Doggy’s Chelsea location features three suites that are designed to mimic the comfort of your own home. They’ve got sound-insulated walls and ceilings as well as adjustable lighting to help your dog sleep better.

Unlike some other boarding options, D is for Doggy takes the time to practice “controlled sensory stimulation.” This means they reduce stimuli that can cause your dog to become overexcited or stressed. They also make sure your pup’s room is a nice place for them to sleep, with plenty of room to move about and an orthopedic dog bed that will feel like their own.

They even have a live feed so you can check in on your pet’s arrival or departure.

The Perfect Pooch is a pet-friendly dog boarding facility in an apartment just a few blocks from Central Park that’s designed to replicate the atmosphere of your home with couches and counters on which your pup can lounge. They also offer complimentary walks, and detailed daily reports of your dog’s activities.

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